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Lorenza is nearing 80, she has just become widow and decides to come back to her youth home. Her daughter, Tara, does not approve that decision, but her granddaughters, Sofía and Alba, decide to accompany her. Together, these women tour the last stretch of her comeback, a short journey of 20 metres and 50 years, to reflect on the things that really matter, how difficult it is for us to see them… And for making some discovery along the way... What we don’t see is a minimal story… As simple as necessary.

16:9 / HD / Colour / 2017 / 4' 50''/ Spanish / Subtitles: English.

Director: Lamberto Guerra
Scriptriter: Lamberto Guerra
Lorenza Machín, Sofía Privitera, Alba Tonini, Tara Machín, Paloma Albaladejo

Genre: Fiction
Themes: Drama / Comedy / LGTBI / Women



- The Barcelona LGTIB Film Festival
Barcelona, Spain

- Festivalito de La Palma
La Palma, Spain

- Hendaia Film Festival

Hendaia, France

- La Victoria en Corto

Tenerife, Spain

- Muestra de Cine Social Luminiscence
Alicante, Spain

- Festival de Cine de Zaragoza - Microcortos
Zaragoza, Spain

- Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale - LIFFY
Yale, USA

- San Rafael en Corto
Grand Canary, Spain

- Festival de Cortos Villa de La Orotava - Canarias
Tenerife, Spain

- La Otra Banqueta - Festival de Cine por la Diversidad
Guatemala City, Guatemala

- Fancinegay - Festival de Cine LGTB de Extremadura
Extremadura, Spain

- LadyBug Festival
Goteborg, Sweden

- La Cueva en Corto
Zamora, Spain

- Festival de Cine Independiente de Paracho
Puebla, Mexico

- MOVILH, Festival Internacional de Cine por la Diversidad
Santiago, Chile

- Cine No Visto - Festival de Cine Independiente de Linares
Linares, Spain

- Festival Internacional de Cine de Gáldar
Gran Canary, Spain

- Tiempo Sur - Sección NO Oficial
La Palma, Spain

- Certamen Audiovisual de Cabra
Córdoba, Spain

- FENACIR, Festival Nacional de Cine de Rioverde
San Luis de Potosí, Mexico

- RiuRau Film Festival
Dènia y Xàtiva, Spain

- Festival de Cine Independiente de Elche
Elche, Spain

- North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Durham, USA

- Festival de Cine Lesbygaytrans
Asunción, Paraguay

- Lo mejor del cine canario de 2017
Gran Canaria, Spain



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